What are Zones and how do I access them on EPICO?

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Zones on EPICO are special areas of the menu dedicated to specific themes so you can have a variety of similar content to choose from in one convenient place. Each zone has sections for live TV channels, on-demand content and apps related to the zone’s theme.


  • Once you’re in a zone, select the back arrow (Exit Zone) above the menu to return to the regular menu.
  • Zones are available on the EPICO 4K Box and in the EPICO app on mobile devices, web browsers, and streaming devices.

Kids zone

The Kids zone offers content tailored to kids. This means that the channels your kids will see in the guide when they’re in this zone, as well as the on-demand channels they can access, will be appropriate for children.

Good to know: For other ways to limit access to inappropriate content, refer to our article on managing Parental Controls on EPICO.

Music zone

The Music zone offers a variety of music related content, including:

  • Musical films and documentaries
  • Streamable radio stations
  • Stingray Music
  • Karaoke
  • Music apps like Spotify

Sports zone

This zone includes all of the live sporting events you would find on TV, sports-themed films and documentaries, sports-related apps and PPV sporting events. If you’re subscribed to our Super Sports package, you’ll also find all of those games here.

Holiday-themed zones

Throughout the year, we’ll add temporary holiday-themed zones to get you in the mood. Whether you need a scare on Halloween or a cozy night on Christmas, we’ll have you covered. Check in on the zones every now and then to see what we have to offer.

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