How do I set a program reminder with EPICO?

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You can set a reminder on EPICO so that you get a notification 5 minutes before a program starts.

Setting a reminder

  1. Select an upcoming program from the guide.
  2. Select Ways to watch.
    • Note: Ways to watch will only appear if the program is also available to restart or watch on demand.
  3. Select Upcoming.
  4. Select the channel and time for which you want to set the reminder.
  5. Select Remind.
    • Note: When the reminder is set, the Remind icon will turn blue.

When the notification pops up, press the OK button on your EPICO remote, or select Tune Now to go to the channel.

Good to know:

  • Your reminder will only pop up while you’re on the same profile as you were when you set the reminder.
  • Reminders will work across EPICO platforms. For example, a reminder set in the mobile app will also pop up when watching with your EPICO 4K Box.
  • On a mobile device or computer, the reminder will only appear in the EPICO app/tab and not as a push notification from the device.
  • Reminders aren’t available on the EPICO app on streaming devices.

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