What is the Sense feature and how do I use it?

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Before getting started: We’re currently experiencing a technical issue with the Sense feature on some F@st 3896 modems. If you’ve recently received a new F@st 3896 modem and aren’t getting any results from Sense, it may be due to this issue. We're working to resolve this as soon as possible.

Sense uses the Cogeco Wi-Fi Pods, extenders and Wi-Fi-connected devices in your home to detect motion by sensing disturbances in the signal between devices. This can then be used to give you a live view of motion in your home, a history of movement of up to 7 days, and send you push notifications when there’s motion.

Enabling Sense

  1. Scroll down to the Sense section of the Cogeco Wi-Fi app’s home screen.
  2. Tap the toggle switch at the bottom to enable Sense. This can take a few minutes to activate.

  3. Once Sense is active, tap on the widget to view the Sense page for a list of connected devices and a history of motion events.
  4. To get a better idea of where motion in the home is coming from, you can assign each stationary device to a room. When Sense is first activated, there’ll be a prompt to assign devices on the main Sense page. Afterwards you can adjust devices by selecting Sense devices.

Good to know:

  • Not all devices in the Sense Devices list will be used for motion detection since only 3 devices per pod or extender can be used to detect motion at a time.
  • Devices currently being used for motion detection are updated every 10 minutes by the cloud to ensure the best results.
  • Generally, portable devices like phones and smartwatches are not selected for motion detection as they frequently move, making motion detection unreliable.

Push notifications

You can also enable push notifications so that you’re notified whenever motion is detected in your home. To do so, tap Sense alerts on the Sense page.

We recommend that if you enable this feature, you also enable Smart Activation so that you won’t receive alerts when there are people at home. To enable Smart Activation, select the settings (gear) icon in the Sense widget on the home page.

Note: Smart Activation detects that somebody is home when their Primary Device connects to the network and then enables notifications again when everyone has left. For this to be effective, you’ll need to assign each person a Primary Device that they’ll likely keep with them when they leave. Learn more about People Profiles.

Sense alert accuracy

If you’re receiving inaccurate Sense alerts, consider the following options in the Sense settings:

  • If you have pets, make sure the Pets at home option is enabled.
  • Other movement in your home may also inadvertently trigger an alert, such as an oscillating fan, robotic vacuum on patrol, or curtains moving in a breeze. If you’re receiving too many alerts, try adjusting the Motion Sensitivity to Low or Medium.
  • If one of the devices being used for motion detection is near an outside wall, it may detect motion outside the home, such as someone dropping off a package. If you’re getting alerts like this, you may want to remove that device from your Sense list (select Sense devices and tap on a device to deselect it).

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