How do I check my network performance on the Cogeco Wi-Fi App?

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You can check your network performance from a few different locations to help troubleshoot the network. Here are the reasons for checking the network status: to see how strong the connection is at your modem, to check the node status to see the signal strength at each Cogeco Wi-Fi Pod, and to check the status of individual devices.

Network status

To view the status of your network at the modem, scroll down to the Adapt section of the Cogeco Wi-Fi app’s home screen and check the Cogeco Connexion widget. This displays the speed to your modem and the data consumption of your devices.

  • Speed tests: The app automatically performs speed tests during low network activity periods and displays the latest Download and Upload speeds. You can also perform a speed test whenever you want by tapping check speed.
  • Data consumption: The bottom of the widget displays how many devices are connected, how much data has been consumed in the last 30 days, and what device used the most data. Select View all to see the consumption on all devices over the last 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days.

Node status

To view the status of individual access points on your network, including Cogeco Wi-Fi Pods and your modem, scroll down to the Adapt section of the home page and check the Node widget. This displays the connection status of each access point and how many devices are connected to it.

  • Select any of the nodes to view its connected devices.
  • Pods connected to the modem via Ethernet will be listed under Gateway and won’t have a connection status listed.

Individual devices

To view the connection status of an individual device, select it from the Devices tab.

The device page will display the connection status, Wi-Fi channel and which node it’s connected to.

Learn more about managing individual devices.

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