How do I use the Restart feature with EPICO?

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The Restart feature, which is only available on certain channels, allows you to go back to the beginning of the show, even if you didn’t record it.

If a show or movie has already started and you see the restart icon while browsing the Guide, the Restart option is available.

Restarting a show that is playing live

  1. Tune to the channel.
  2. Press OK on your EPICO remote to bring up the Navigation Bar.
  3. Press the down arrow ▼.
  4. Select the Restart icon .

Good to know: Even on channels that don't have the Restart option, you can rewind a live program that is still in progress.

Restarting a show from Recently aired

  1. From the main menu, select Channels.
  2. Select Recently aired.
  3. Select a program and it will play from the beginning.

Restarting a show from the Guide

  1. Press GUIDE on your remote and then the right arrow to access the Full Guide.
  2. Use the left and right arrows to change times, allowing you to see what aired up to a week ago.
  3. If you see the Restart icon next to a title, it is available to Restart (there will also be a Play icon on the poster image).
    • Note: Restart availability varies by channel but is typically 72 hours.
  4. Select the program and it will play from the beginning.

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