What can I expect from my first bill and regular monthly bills?

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First bill

  • Your first bill will include your monthly charges from the date your services were activated, as well as your next month’s charges billed in advance.
  • Your first bill may also include one-time charges such as installation fees.

Regular monthly bills

  • Your services will always be billed one month in advance.
  • If there’s a change to one of your services, your monthly fee may be prorated, meaning you’ll be charged a partial month at your old rate and a partial month at your new rate. Learn more about prorated charges.
  • Any additional charges, such as on-demand rentals or long distance calls made over the month, will be applied to your next bill.

Good to know:

  • If you have services at different locations that appear on a single bill, these will be separated by location.
  • To help you understand your bill, you can view a breakdown of each section.

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