What can I expect from my first bill and subsequent bills?

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Your first bill will include your monthly charges from the date of activation, plus your monthly charges billed one month in advance. Your first bill may also include non-recurring fees.

Your services will always be payable one month in advance, as they are rental services, and your invoice will be sent (or mailed/forwarded) following your connection.

If there’s a change to one of your services, your monthly fee will be prorated to take into account the number of days you are subscribed to the new service up until the start of your next billing cycle.

Furthermore, any additional consumption, such as Internet over-usage, Video On Demand rentals or long distance calls made over the month, will be charged on your next bill.

To help you better understand your first bill, you can consult the Understanding your bill page (see Residential or Business billing).

Good to know: If you have services at different locations that appear on a single bill, these services will be broken down by location.

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