Why is the series that I recorded to my DVR missing an episode?

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There are a few possible reasons you might be missing an episode in your recordings:

  • Your series recording settings: When setting up a series recording, you can set it to record all episodes or only new episodes. If new episodes are not labelled as new in the guide, they may be skipped by the series recording. To avoid this, we recommend selecting the “all episodes” setting.
  • Your recording priorities: Since most DVRs can only record 2 programs at the same time, if more than 2 series have episodes airing at the same time, the DVR will only record the 2 with the highest priority. To change the priority of your recordings, go to DVR > Series Recording and use the Page + and Page - buttons to move a series in your priority list.
  • Outages: An episode may be missed if there was a service outage when the program was scheduled to air.

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