Can I use the Ethernet port on Cogeco Wi-Fi Pods and extenders?

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Yes, you can use the Ethernet port to connect devices to your pods and extenders or to connect them to your modem with an Ethernet cable. This isn’t required but it can provide a more reliable signal if there’s interference.

Connecting a device to your pod or extender

For devices that use a lot of data, such as gaming consoles or devices that stream content, you may want to install a pod or extender close by and use a wired connection.

Connecting a pod or extender to your modem

Some modems require the first pod or extender to be connected via Ethernet at all times (this will be indicated in the app during setup). However, you can also do this with any pod or extender in your home or business to improve your network if there’s interference, and connect a pod or extender that is too far away from the modem to connect wirelessly. This is sometimes referred to as an “Ethernet backhaul.”

Good to know: To strengthen the connection to pods and extenders that are too far away to connect directly to the modem, you can also connect them to each other in a chain by using the second Ethernet port. Up to 3 pods or extenders can be chained together as long as the first one is connected to the modem.

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