Will I be charged if a Cogeco technician comes to my home or place of business to resolve an issue?

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Service Calls from Cogeco are usually free. We won't charge you if the issue is related to Cogeco services or equipment, such as faulty receivers or modems, the internal wiring we installed, or the lines running to your home or business.

However, we may charge you if the technician finds that the problem was not related to Cogeco’s services or equipment. For example, if it's the result of:

  • Equipment that has been tampered with
  • New coaxial outlets or splitters that we didn’t install
  • An issue with your devices, such as a TV set to the wrong input or a computer not powering on

Good to know: We’ll always troubleshoot with you over the phone first to try to rule out other potential issues and only send a technician when the issue is caused by our services or equipment.

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