Can I use a custom DNS with Cogeco?

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Yes, if you prefer using a custom Domain Name Server (DNS) instead of Cogeco’s DNS, you can make the change in your modem’s settings, or in the Cogeco Wi-Fi app.

What is a DNS?

When you enter an address for a website, such as, a DNS looks up that address and provides the IP address to connect to. This normally happens very quickly in the background so you don’t notice, but if something goes wrong with the DNS, your device won’t be able to connect to any websites. By default, your devices will connect to Cogeco’s DNS automatically, but you can also set your modem to connect to a different DNS if you prefer.

Changing your DNS settings

Good to know: If you’ve set a custom DNS but want to go back to using Cogeco’s, you can just change the setting back to automatic or default. This will ensure that if our DNS address changes, your devices will still connect to it.

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