How do I use Tags in Webmail?

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Tags are a great way to quickly filter and sort your Webmail by topics you create. Tags are shared across email messages, contacts, and calendar events.

Creating a New Tag

To add a new tag, select the + button next to Tags in the left menu (only visible when hovering your mouse over Tags). You can do this from the Mail, Calendar, or Contacts tab, and any tags created will be available in all 3 tabs.


Applying a Tag

  1. Right-click on a message, contact, or calendar event.
  2. Select Tag from the dropdown.
  3. Select the tag you want to apply, or create a new one.

  4. Select Save.

Note: A tag can only be added to an existing calendar event or contact, so if you are creating a new one you will need to save it first before adding tags.

Filtering by Tags

To filter by tags, simply select the tag from the left menu in Mail, Calendar, or Contacts.


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