Does Webmail have spam filtering?

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Note: Over the coming months, Cogeco will be migrating customers to a new version of Webmail. After logging in, check the Cogeco logo at the top left of the page to see which version you are on. All customers will be migrated to the new platform by the end of summer 2022.


The new Webmail also has Modern and Classic modes, depending on which browser you are using. These guides will focus on the Modern mode.


Legacy Webmail

The Legacy Webmail platform does monitor for spam emails but these are not automatically moved to a "spam" or "junk" folder. The messages will still be delivered to your regular inbox with a "spam" label in the subject line.

To filter these messages out, you can create your own "junk" folder and then create a filter to move any message with "spam" in the subject to this folder. See here for instructions on creating a folder and see here for creating a filter.

New Webmail

The new Webmail platform automatically moves suspected spam emails to a Spam folder.

  • If you received a spam email in your Inbox, you can flag it as spam by right-clicking on the email and selecting Mark as Spam from the dropdown, or selecting the Spam button from the toolbar.

  • If an email was incorrectly marked as spam, you can move it back to your Inbox by selecting the email in your Spam folder and selecting the Not Spam button.

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