Why is the screen black on some of my channels?

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If you’re seeing a black screen on some of your channels, there might be a problem with your connections. Try checking the following:

  • Make sure your TV is on the correct input for your receiver.
    • If your receiver is connected with a coax cable, the TV may need to be on channel 3.
    • If your receiver is connected with an HDMI cable, there might be several inputs available (usually labeled HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc).
  • Ensure that all the cables connecting to the wall, receiver and TV are firmly connected (finger-tight, in the case of coax cables).
  • If you’re using component cables (red, green and blue) or RCA cables (yellow, red and white), make sure they’re connected to their matching coloured inputs.

If after performing these steps your receiver still displays a black screen on some channels, contact our Customer Service team.

Good to know: If they are receiving a black screen on sports programming, this may be due to a regional blackout. Sometimes, due to regional restrictions, some programming is blacked out at the organizer’s request because of broadcast rights. Affected programming could include CFL, NFL or NHL games.

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