My new home is wired for cable TV. Does this mean I can have television in each room?

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Yes, all you need is a receiver connected to the coaxial cable in each room to get all of your channels and services throughout your home. If you have TiVo or EPICO service, you can even view all of your recordings from any of those receivers.

Good to know: With EPICO service, you don't even need a cable outlet in each room. Each box can connect to your modem wirelessly so all it needs is a power outlet.

Adding Receivers

  • Even if there's an outlet in the room, it might not be active. If you have active service with Cogeco, you can try connecting one of your receivers to the outlet to see if it is working.
    • If the outlet is active, it's just a matter of sending you a new rental box by courier.
    • If the outlet is not active, we can arrange for a technician to activate it and install the equipment.
    • With TiVo service a technician is always needed to ensure the boxes are connected to your home network.
  • Contact customer service to review your rental options and arrange a courier deliver or professional installation.

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