What do I do if my picture is snowy?

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A snowy picture is usually the result of a poor signal or a TV on the wrong input.

If this is occurring on all of your TVs, it is likely a problem with the outside lines and will need to be repaired by a technician. If this is occurring on one TV:

  • Ensure the TV is tuned to the correct channel (3 or 4) or on the right input (e.g. HDMI, Component, Video).
  • Make sure that all of the cable connections from your wall outlet to the receiver and the receiver to the TV are secure - including any components in between (e.g. sound system). Bypassing some components and checking if the signal improves can also help identify the cause (correct configuration: cable outlet > digital receiver > television).

If the problem persists, contact the Technical Support (see Residential or Business contacts).

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