Who qualifies for the Refer a Friend program?

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To qualify for bill credits by recommending Cogeco to your friends and family, you and the person you’re referring must meet certain requirements.

Qualifications for the person referring

  • Must be a Cogeco customer for at least 24 hours
  • Must have an account in good standing
    • Tip: Setting up pre-authorized payments is an easy way to get the peace of mind that you’ll never miss a payment.
  • Must not be a Cogeco employee
  • Must not have an account with courtesy services

Good to know: Even if you don’t qualify yourself, you can still send a referral and your friend will get a bill credit if they qualify.

Qualifications for the person being referred

  • Must live in an area that Cogeco serves
  • Must not have had Cogeco services in the past 6 months
  • Account must be in good standing to receive the bill credit

Learn more about our Refer a Friend program.

See all terms and conditions.

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