Can I get support for my wireless router?

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If your wireless Internet isn’t working, you can review our troubleshooting tips or contact a local tech support rep for help, but we won’t be able to support third-party routers. If we determine that your modem is online and that the router is likely the cause of the issue, you can contact the router manufacturer for further assistance.

  • D-Link: 1-800-361-5265
  • Linksys: 1-800-326-7114
  • Belkin: 1-800-223-5546, extension 2263
  • TP-Link: 1-866-225-8139 (English only)
  • Asus: 1-888-616-2787
  • Netgear: 1-877-875-1880
  • Cisco: 1-800-326-7114, option 3

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