What is a fibre optic modem (ONU) and what do I need to know about having one?

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A fibre optic modem (also called an ONU or Optical Networking Unit) is a special type of modem that connects directly to a fibre optic cable, rather than to a traditional coaxial cable. When we can connect your home directly to our fibre optic network, you’ll experience the fastest and most reliable connection possible.

Since the fibre optic modem doesn’t have a built-in router, our technician will connect it to a Cogeco Wi-Fi Pod or router to provide the wireless signal, with additional pods as needed for coverage throughout your home.

Good to know:

  • Since your Wi-Fi will go through at least one Cogeco Wi-Fi Pod or a router, you’ll need to use the Cogeco Wi-Fi app to manage your network, including your network name and password. Learn more about managing your Wi-Fi on the app.
  • Unlike previous generation modems, most fibre modems don’t support an internal backup battery. As such, your home phone won’t work during a power outage, including for calls to 911. If you have an alarm or intercom system connected to your phone line, or if you don’t have access to a mobile phone for emergencies, we recommend purchasing an Uninterrupted Power System (UPS) to ensure continued phone service in the event of a power outage.



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