What do the lights on my fibre optic modem mean?

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See below for light patterns for each modem type.

Note: If you have a Calix 725 model, the modem will not be accessible to check the lights.

Sagemcom F@st 5681

The fibre optic modem has 3 status lights. The long light on the corner of the unit indicates the Internet status, and the 2 smaller lights beside it indicate the phone status. See below for what each colour and light pattern combination means.

Status (Internet) Off No power to the unit
Blue - Solid Internet service is active
Blue - Flashing Unit is powering up and/or finding a connection
Red - Flashing Unit is not connected or not set up for Internet
Alternating Red and Yellow Loss of signal
Voice1 and Voice2 (Phone) Off Unit is not set up for phone, or is unable to establish connection
Blue - Solid Phone service is active
Blue - Flashing A phone is off the hook

Note: Voice2 will only be lit if you subscribe to a second phone line.


Calix 803 or 812

Power Off No power to the unit
Green - Flashing Unit is booting up and performing self-tests
Green - Solid Normal operation
Red Boot-up failure
Amber - Flashing Unit is performing a software upgrade and may reboot when complete.
Broadband Off No fibre signal detected
Red Fibre signal detected but failing to connect
Green Normal operation
Service Off No Internet service (no physical connection or unit not set up for Internet)
Green Normal operation
Ethernet Off No Ethernet connected, or connected device not powered up
Green - Solid Device connected to Ethernet but no traffic present
Green - Flashing Normal operation
Phone Off or red Unit is not set up for phone
Green - Solid Normal operation (phone on-hook)
Green - Flashing Call in progress

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