How do I use my EPICO remote?

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  1. Power - Turn your EPICO box on or off.
  2. Record
    • Press once to start recording the program.
    • Press twice to cancel the recording, or to start a series recording if the program is recurring.
    • Press three times to cancel all recordings of the program, including series recordings.
  3. Guide - Display the programming guide.
  4. Films - Display all films available on Video on Demand.
  5. Home - Display the main menu.
  6. Live TV - View the current channel live.
  7. Google Assistant - Use Google Assistant to search for content through voice commands.
  8. Channel (Up/Down) - Use to change the channels, or move quickly through the programming guide.
  9. Option - Contextual navigation button. For example, when in the full-screen programming guide, jump to filters.
  10. Last - When on Live TV, tune to the last watched channel.
  11. Keypad - Use to enter information.
  12. Mute - Activate or deactivate the sound.
  13. Volume Control - Control the volume.
  14. Back - Return to the previous page.
  15. Navigation Arrows - Navigate the user interface menus.
  16. Netflix - Launch the Netflix application.
  17. Playback Functions - Control playback: Pause, Play, Rewind, Fast Forward, Skip Back, and Skip Forward.
  18. Info - Information on the currently selected show.
  19. TV Power - Turn on or off your TV if it is paired with the remote.
  20. Input - Select the input for your TV.

Useful Shortcuts

Use your EPICO remote to its full potential by using these shortcuts:


Remote films button
The Films button: use it to access the full catalogue of movies available on demand, either for rent, purchase or from one of your subscribed channels.


Remote home menu button
The home button: brings up the EPICO menu. Use it to easily return to EPICO, even when you are in another application like Netflix or YouTube.


Remote Google assistant button
The Google Assistant button: use it for voice searches or commands, including many of the non-TV features available with Google Assistant , such as "add milk to my shopping list".


Remote option button
The option button: 

  • Press Option to access the filters at the top of the programming guide or when you’re browsing a list of content. From there, you can filter the content according to your subscriptions, the category, or the video quality.
  • Press Option while watching Live TV or a Recording to quickly access the Settings menu.


Remote CH up and down buttons
The CH up and down buttons: when browsing in the guide, you can use these buttons to page through the channel listings more quickly.



The Guide button: press the Guide button to open the Quick Guide, then press the Right arrow button to open the Full Guide.



Navigation Arrows:

  • While watching Live TV, press the Up or Down button to access the Mini Guide. You can then change channels in the Mini Guide using Up/Down or change the time using Left/Right.
  • While watching Live TV or a Recording, press OK and then the Down button for more navigation options (Restart, Skip, Closed Captioning, Video Quality, Audio Language, and Described Video).
  • Use can also use the Left/Right buttons to Rewind and Fast Forward, then OK to resume playing.

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