How can I use voice commands with my remote?

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To use voice commands with your EPICO remote, press the Google Assistant button (see image below), then say your command.

Remote Google assistant button

Good to know: When using the EPICO app on a compatible streaming device, you can use voice commands from the Search screen to find a program. However, using voice commands from other screens will perform the search from the streaming device’s main menu and EPICO search results will not be included.

Here are examples of useful commands you can try:

Content searches

The results will show content from all available sources, whether it’s live, recently aired, on demand, or even from installed apps such as YouTube or Netflix:

  • Search by title, e.g. “TV show Dexter” or “Search (for) the series Dexter.”
  • Search by genre, e.g. “Comedy movies.”
  • Search by year, e.g. “Movies from 2012.”
  • Search by actor or director, e.g. “Tom Hanks movies.”
  • Search by a combined search, e.g. “Comedy movies from 2012.”

Good to know: To get better results when searching for a title, make sure to include a description such as “movie” or “TV show,” especially with titles that could have many types of results, such as “2012” or “Billions.”

Playback commands

  • “Play” or “Pause” or “Resume” or “Stop”
  • “Seek/go/jump to X minutes” or “Jump for X minutes”
  • “Fast forward” or “Next”: jumps forward 30 seconds by default
  • “Rewind”: jumps backward 30 seconds by default
  • “Fast forward X minutes” or “Rewind X minutes”
  • “Previous”: jumps backward for 7 seconds by default
  • “Go to beginning”

Other Google voice commands to try

  • “Good morning”
  • “What's the weather today?”
  • “Open Netflix”

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