What is Password Vault and how do I use it in Cogeco Security?

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Before getting started: This article covers the latest version of Cogeco Security, which is available for free to all Cogeco Internet subscribers. Learn more about updating to the new version.

Password Vault is a password manager feature that stores your usernames and passwords securely in the cloud. That means you don’t have to memorize all your credentials, but you also don’t need to write them down somewhere that could be compromised.

Good to know:

Setting up Password Vault

  1. Open Cogeco Security and select Password Vault from the home page.

  2. Select Get started.
  3. Select Create Master Password.

    • Note: The master password will be used to access your other passwords and personal information.
  4. Enter your master password twice to confirm and select Create Master Password.

  5. Select Save recovery code and choose a location to store it on your device.
    • Note: This will save an image of a QR code that you can use to identify yourself if you need to recover your master password later.
  6. You’ll now see the Password Vault home page. Select the + or + ADD button to add a new password.
  7. Repeat step 6 for as many passwords as you want to add.

Additional Password Vault features

See below for additional features you can access from the buttons on the left side of the Password Vault homepage on a computer, or from Settings on a mobile device.

  • Connect Devices - Use this feature to sync all your saved passwords with another device. Open Connect Devices to get a temporary code, then open it again on another device and enter that code to sync the saved passwords.
  • Password Analysis - This feature checks your saved passwords and lets you know if they’re weak or strong.
    • Good to know: While editing a password, you can select the dice icon to auto-generate a secure password.
  • Autofill - Autofill automatically inserts passwords for you while you’re using your browser, but it requires an extension for each browser. Select Install extension for your go-to browser(s) and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Settings - The Settings menu allows you to change your master password and generate your recovery code, as well as import or export passwords from other programs. For example, if you were using the password manager in Chrome but now want to consolidate all your passwords in Cogeco Security, you can select Import passwords to add your saved passwords from Chrome.
    • Note: You need to export the passwords from your browser or password manager first and then select the exported file in the Password Vault settings. Cogeco Security will provide on-screen instructions for exporting when you select your browser or password manager.

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