What channels do you offer for visually-impaired customers?

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Specialty Channels

Cogeco offer 4 channels featuring content specifically intended for people who are blind or visually-impaired:

  • AMI Audio (in Ontario)
  • AMI TV (in Ontario and Quebec)
  • AMI-télé-FR (in Ontario and Quebec)
  • Canal M (in Quebec)

Described Video Service

Most Canadian broadcasters also offer a few programs with Described Video Service (DVS) as part of their regular programming schedule. During periods of silence throughout the program, a voice-over will provide descriptions of a program’s key visual elements that are not reflected in the dialogue (character movements, place descriptions, etc.). For a list of programs with DVS available, please consult AMI’s DV Guide, or call 1-855-855-1144.

DVS availability is usually indicated at the start of a program and by the logo below, and can be enabled several ways:

  • Through your TV: Most TVs have an SAP (Secondary Audio Programming) or MTS (Multichannel Television Sound) feature that can be activated through the menu options, or by pressing an SAP/MTS button on the remote. Once this is done, if described video is available for the selected program, then this service will be turned on.
  • With your Cogeco remote: If you have one of our “Big Button” remotes, you can press the A button to easily activate and deactivate DVS. For more information, see our article on the Big Button remote.


For more information on using Described Video with your EPICO service, see here.

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