What is Cogeco Webmail?

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Webmail is offered free of charge to all Cogeco Internet customers. It's easy to set up, use, and it lets you:

  • Access your emails securely whenever you want, with any device that's connected to the Internet.
  • Store up to 1 GB of data if you're a residential customer, or up to 2 GB if you're a business customer.
  • Create folders to organize your emails.
  • Save your contacts in an address book with all the features you need (e.g. creating customized distribution lists, importing or exporting contacts, finding all the info about a specific contact quickly and easily, and saving the history of email exchanges).
  • Transfer your emails to the address of your choice, automatically.

How do I access Cogeco Webmail?

You can access Webmail by clicking the envelope icon located on almost every cogeco.ca page in the top-right corner.

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All DERY and Axion accounts will be integrated into Cogeco’s system.

Over the coming months, we’ll be integrating each account covered by DERY and Axion over into the Cogeco system. Learn more about the integration and how you’ll be impacted.



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