Will my Cogeco email account become “dormant” if I don’t use it?

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An email address will be classified as “dormant” If it’s not accessed for 8 months.

Note: This only applies to residential accounts, as business accounts do not become dormant.

How to check for dormant accounts

  1. Log into My Account in a browser.
  2. Select Services from the side menu.
  3. Select Internet from the top menu.
  4. Select Manage my email addresses under Quick Links (bottom right).
  5. Dormant addresses will have a warning icon (see below).


How to delete unused dormant accounts

Any unused email addresses can be deleted from the same Manage my email addresses page by selecting the three dots next to the email and then selecting Delete from the dropdown.


If you’d like to check the account contents before deleting it but can’t remember the password, click on Edit from the dropdown to set a new password. Any messages you’d like to keep will need to be forwarded to an active address before deleting the account or they will be permanently lost.

Note that after 12 months of consecutive non-usage, a dormant account may be permanently deleted without notice.

How to restore dormant accounts

If you’d like to restore a dormant email account to Active status, please contact Technical Support.

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