How do I choose the optimal placement for my Wi-Fi Pods?

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When it comes to getting the best performance out of your Wi-Fi network, Wi-Fi Pod placement is everything.

While every home or business is unique, here are some guidelines for choosing the optimal spot for your Wi-Fi Pods:

  • A central location: Ensure your Wi-Fi Pods are located in a central location along interior walls in order to maximize Wi-Fi coverage and speeds.
  • Avoid interference: Wireless phones, large appliances and microwaves can create interference; relocate your Wi-Fi Pods further away to reduce interference and ensure the best Wi-Fi signal possible.
  • An open space: Avoid putting your Pods in closed, cramped spaces, like cabinets, closets or drawers, to get the best Wi-Fi coverage and speed.
  • Line of sight: When possible, a direct line of sight between Pods can increase their range to help with coverage.



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