As a business customer, how do I install and activate my Pods or extenders?

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To install and activate your Cogeco Wi-Fi Pods or extenders for your business, follow these steps:

Step 1: Ensure your modem is active

Check that your modem is online. If you haven’t installed your Cogeco modem, refer to our installation guides.

Step 2: Download and open the Cogeco Business Wi-Fi app

  1. Download and install the Cogeco Business Wi-Fi app on your mobile device. (Download the app from Google Play or the App Store.)
    • Note: Business clients must use the Business version of the app, and not the Cogeco Wi-Fi app for Residential customers.
  2. Select Sign in and enter your My Account username and password.

Note: You’ll need the app throughout the installation process.

Step 3: Set up your first pod or extender and your Wi-Fi network

Follow the setup instructions in the app to get your first pod or extender up and running, as well as your Wi-Fi network.

Note: Your first pod or extender may need to be connected to the modem via Ethernet cable and remain connected after the installation is complete. This will be indicated in the app instructions.

Step 4: Name your networks and create passwords

During the setup in the app, you will be prompted to create 3 Wi-Fi zones for different levels of security:

  • Secure Wi-Fi zone - This is the most secure zone, used for devices that need to be separate from the rest of the system, such as security cameras.
  • Employee Wi-Fi zone - This is the zone your employees’ devices will connect to, giving them access to the Internet and local devices, such as printers.
  • Guest Wi-Fi zone - This zone can be provided to your guests for access to the Internet only. Users accessing this zone will not require a password by default and will be directed to a customizable landing page.

If you have an existing private or guest Wi-Fi network, we recommend using the same name and password so that your devices will connect to it automatically. If you choose to use a new name and password, make sure all of your devices are connected to it so they don’t lose service when the old network is disabled.

Good to know: The Secure Wi-Fi zone and Employee Wi-Fi zone cannot have the same password.

Step 5: Set up additional Cogeco Wi-Fi Pods or extenders as needed

During the setup, you may also be prompted to set up additional pods or extenders. If so, identify the optimal placements for them by following the helpful tips in the app, and then add them to your network.

  • These additional pods and extenders don’t need to be connected via Ethernet; simply plug them into a power outlet and they will connect to your network automatically.
  • If you weren’t prompted to add pods or extenders or if you wish to set them up later, refer to our article on managing pods and extenders with the Cogeco Business Wi-Fi app.

Step 6: Set up your employees and devices

To get the most out of the Cogeco Wi-Fi Business app, we recommend creating a profile for each employee and assigning each device to the employee who will be using it.

  • Set up a profile for each employee and assign their devices. Employee profiles allow you to see who’s in the office, manage individual security settings and make sure they have access to the right devices.
  • Assign network devices to the Secure zone. Assigning devices such as printers and cameras to the Secure Zone makes it easier to manage who has access to them.
    • Good to know: Devices connected via Ethernet will always be assigned to the Secure Zone but other devices may need to be assigned manually.

For detailed walkthroughs, refer to our articles on employee profiles and managing devices.

Step 7: Set up your Guest portal

The guest network allows people visiting your business to connect to the Internet without getting access to your secure devices. When they connect to this network, they will be taken to a Guest portal, which you can customize.

  • The guest network has no password by default but you can add one through the Guest portal settings.
  • You can customize your Guest portal with your company logo, a link to your website and more.
  • To learn how, refer to our article on setting up your Guest portal.

Step 8: Contact us to disable Wi-Fi on your modem

By default, your modem will continue to broadcast its own Wi-Fi network, but all devices must be connected to the Wi-Fi zones you set up in the app for them to communicate with each other. Please contact technical support to have the Wi-Fi disabled on your modem.

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