What is Fibre to the Home Service?

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Fibre-to-the-Home (FttH) is a new way of delivering Cogeco service to your home. If you live in an FttH area, all of your services will be powered by High Speed Internet with enhanced upload speeds, giving you access to our fastest Internet and newest services like EPICO TV, as well as standard Cogeco services like Home Phone.

As we expand our FttH network, we’ll be able to deliver even our fastest UltraFibre 1G service to customers in outlying areas that previously had limited speeds so that everyone can enjoy the full Internet experience.

How does it work?

Rather than running coaxial cable throughout your home to connect to each receiver, as was necessary with traditional TV service, we’ll now only need to run one fibre optic cable. This will connect directly to a special fibre optic gateway, and from there to a Cogeco Wi-Fi Pod for wireless service (with additional Pods as needed for coverage throughout the home).

I already have fibre to my home. How is this different?

Many of our areas have fibre optic cable to the outside of the home, but FttH takes it one step further by running the fibre into your home as well. In our other fibre areas, the optical signal is converted to one that can run over coaxial cable before it enters your home, so there is no fibre run internally and the fibre optic gateway is not needed.

Does it cost extra?

No, FttH is just a new way of delivering the service to you. All of the packages and pricing are the same as traditional cable. A special gateway is required, but this is still included in the regular price.

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