How do I use the Whole Home PVR features?

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By combining your TiVo® PVR with one or more TiVo Mini devices, you are essentially getting the ultimate multi-room PVR experience, called the TiVo Whole Home PVR. This integrated PVR experience allows you to:

  • Schedule recordings on any TV in your home (connected to a TiVo Mini).
  • Enjoy the TiVo PVR features you love on any TV in your home.

About the maximum number of TVs you can connect

TiVo Service from Cogeco supports up to 6 TVs at home. The primary TV requires a TiVo PVR, and additional TVs (up to 5) require TiVo Mini devices.

Installing your TiVo whole home PVR system

To take advantage of the multi-room TiVo features, a small network must be set up inside your home. A Cogeco technician will come to your home to do this. You can contact a Sales agent here (see Residential or Business contacts).

Good to know: If, after your home network is set up and all the equipment is installed, you want to move things around, you’ll need to contact Sales again for another appointment. Swapping equipment or moving them to different outlets yourself could result in them not working properly.

Watching a recorded show in one room and finishing it in another

Any recorded program can be accessed from any TV in your home that’s connected to either a TiVo PVR or a TiVo Mini. Here’s how to start watching a program mid-way through in a different room than where you started it:

  1. Press the TiVo button on your remote to open TiVo Central.
  2. Select My Shows.
  3. Select the title you want to resume watching. You will have the option to resume from where it was stopped or paused, or you can restart from the beginning.

Good to know: You can even do this on your tablet or phone while you’re at home if you have the Cogeco TiVo App installed.

Recovering a program that’s been deleted on one of your TiVo Mini devices

If you delete a program from any TiVo Mini, it will be shown as deleted on all the TiVo PVR devices in your home. However, some deleted shows can be recovered by following these steps:

  1. Press the TiVo button on your remote to open TiVo Central.
  2. Select My Shows.
  3. Select the Recently Deleted Recordings folder in the right menu.

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