How can I decrease my bandwidth consumption?

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If you’re used to downloading audio or video content onto your Wi-Fi-enabled devices, you’ve probably already noticed that this activity uses up a lot of your bandwidth. Since you’re the only one able to manage how much bandwidth you use, here are some tips to help you decrease your usage:

  • On streaming services like Netflix, lower your bandwidth consumption by lowering the video quality; by changing the playback settings, you can easily save up to 6.3 GB per hour by opting for standard-quality (SD) resolution.
  • Check whether there’s file-sharing software, such as Dropbox, Apple iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive, installed on your computer, as these programs can use enormous amounts of bandwidth.
  • Only let people you trust use your computer.
  • Disable or restrict file or printer sharing.
  • Update your operating system regularly.
  • Update your antivirus system regularly, as certain malware can consume a lot of your bandwidth.
  • Finally, to protect your computer from malicious users and unauthorized access, we recommend downloading Cogeco Security services (Residential) or F-Secure (Business), which is available at no cost for Cogeco Internet customers.

You are responsible for your bandwidth usage. Please familiarize yourself with our High Speed Internet Service Acceptable Use Policy. There, you'll find important information about your service plan.

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