Are there any services DERY and Axion offered that won’t be available with Cogeco?

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Although our services are very similar, there are a few features DERY and Axion powered by Cogeco offered that Cogeco does not support.

Internet features

  • Additional email addresses: Cogeco Internet packages come with 7 email addresses and more can’t be added. Customers with more than 7 addresses prior to joining Cogeco will be able to keep those addresses.
  • Email without Internet: Cogeco doesn’t offer standalone email accounts for customers who don’t subscribe to our Internet service.

Phone features

  • Second number on same line: Cogeco can provide a second line on specific outlets in your home, but not on the same outlet as your primary number. You can also set distinctive ring tones when specific numbers call you.
  • Voicemail by email: Voicemail messages can only be accessed by phone.
  • Collect calls: Collect calls can’t be received on a Cogeco phone number.
  • Last call return (*69): Cogeco provides Call Display so you can see who called you, but you will need to call the number back manually.
  • Directory assistance (411) blocking will no longer be supported.

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All DERY and Axion accounts will be integrated into Cogeco’s system.

Over the coming months, we’ll be integrating each account covered by DERY and Axion over into the Cogeco system. Learn more about the integration and how you’ll be impacted.



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