How will my services be affected once the integration into Cogeco’s system is complete in my region?

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Over the coming months, we’ll be integrating accounts from each DERY and Axion powered by Cogeco region into the Cogeco system.

Even if integration is already complete in your region and you’re being billed by Cogeco, your services will not be impacted as long as you have DERY/Axion equipment. You will be required to change to Cogeco equipment if:

  • Your equipment needs to be swapped because of a service issue
  • You choose to upgrade or downgrade your services
  • You move to an area that has already been integrated

Impacts to TV services

  • Cogeco uses different box models, but they have a similar menu and features to what you’re used to with DERY or Axion.
  • If you’re using Cogeco equipment you can check out our TV support articles if there’s something you can’t find.
  • Once the integration is complete in your region, you’ll have access to new Cogeco packages, even if you’re still using DERY/Axion equipment, but you’ll also still have access to the same channels you have today. You can enter your postal code on this page to get a full list of available channels.

Impacts to Internet services

  • Cogeco uses modems that provide the Internet connection, Wi-Fi and phone service all in one unit.
  • Your existing DERY and Axion email addresses will not be impacted. These will still be accessible through your current email program and managed through Client Space.

Impacts to phone services

  • Cogeco uses modems that provide the Internet connection, Wi-Fi and phone service all in one unit.
  • The day after your integration to Cogeco, you’ll need to reconfigure your voicemail and certain shortcuts for the features will change (e.g. Voicemail will be accessed with 22# rather than *98). You can refer to our Phone support articles to learn more about phone features.
    • Good to know: For a period of 3 months after the integration, you will be able to access your archived messages by following these steps:
      1. Call 1-800-465-9215.
      2. Dial your 10-digit phone number.
      3. Enter your 6-digit DERY/Axion PIN.
      4. Follow the menu prompts.
  • You will also need to set up your voicemail again, such as recording a new voicemail greeting, and you may need to re-enable some features. Learn more about how phone features will be impacted by the integration.
  • Long distance rates will change from $0.08 per minute to $0.15.
  • Please be assured that there will be no changes or interruption to your 911 emergency service.

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All DERY and Axion accounts will be integrated into Cogeco’s system.

Over the coming months, we’ll be integrating each account covered by DERY and Axion over into the Cogeco system. Learn more about the integration and how you’ll be impacted.



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