How do I use the Hosted PBX Customer Portal?

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Note: These guide is representative and may vary from your individual Hosted PBX Customer Portal screen.

Once you're logged in, you'll see the Hosted PBX Customer Portal Home page:

Home Page

The Hosted PBX Customer Portal Home page is the main screen for the portal where you can view your Call Manager settings and access a range of other services.

  1. Messages and Calls – Click this link to view and retrieve any voicemails.
  2. Contacts – Import your contacts from Outlook or create new ones, then click on a name to dial.
  3. Phone Status – Control your Call Manager settings.
  4. Make Call – Make a call direct from Hosted PBX Customer Portal.
  5. Start Meeting – Start a Hosted PBX Unified Meeting.
  6. Security – Use these links to change your password or security email address.
  7. Downloads – Download apps, for example Hosted PBX Unified Desktop app.
  8. Send Feedback – Report bugs or make suggestions for improvements to the Hosted PBX Customer Portal interface.
  9. Your Services – Use these links to access a range of services available with your Hosted PBX Customer Portal account, for example to change your call, message and notification settings, or set up a Reminder call.

Messages and calls

The Messages and Calls tab displays all recent call activity. Here you can retrieve voicemails and view calls based on whether they were missed, received, dialed, or deleted.

Click on one of the sub-tabs to get more detail. From the Missed, Dialed, and Received tabs you can click on the name and either call them, add them to your contacts, or jump to the caller’s existing contact information.

Use the Actions drop-down alongside each message to mark it as Heard/New, Forward as Email, or Forward as Voicemail, or click the trash icon to delete it.

Click the Play arrow button to listen to a voicemail. Note that you can listen to your voicemails in any order. A window (as shown over the Messages and Calls screen) will open to display the Voicemail player where you can listen to and manage the message.

Click the New Voicemail button at the top of the page to record and leave a voicemail as a memo (your computer must have a microphone to use this function).


The Contacts page enables you to manage all of your contact information. Within it, you can create new contacts (using recent call information like a missed call, or create a new one from scratch), create groups of contacts, or import/export your contacts.


The fastest way to add your contacts is to import them from your email program. If you use Microsoft Outlook, follow these instructions:

  1. Open Outlook and go to the File tab, then Import and Export. A new window should appear.
  2. Select Export to File and click Next.
  3. Select Comma Separated Values from the list and click Next.
  4. Select Contacts from the folder tree and click Next.
  5. Save the exported file as “Outlook Contacts” and click Next (save in a place you can easily locate such as the Desktop or My Documents).
  6. Go back to the Hosted PBX Customer Portal Contacts page.
  7. Click the Import button.
  8. Click the Browse button to find the “Outlook Contacts” file.
  9. Click Import.

Your contacts are now in the Hosted PBX Customer Portal!

Making calls from the Hosted PBX Customer Portal

You can make a call directly from Hosted PBX Customer Portal by clicking Make Call to launch the Dialer.

On the Dialer you can enter the number you want to call, either by typing it in or selecting from a dropdown list of your Contacts, and also choose which of your telephone numbers will be used to make the call.

Note: VoIP 9-1-1 Service features may differ from traditional wireline 9-1-1 services.

Call Manager

The Phone Status panel in the center of the Hosted PBX Customer Portal Home page displays your Call Manager where you can set your availability status and manage how incoming calls are routed to you.


The top section on the left enables you to change your setting from Available to Do Not Disturb allowing you to route calls directly to voicemail if you’re busy. There is also a forwarding option that enables simultaneous ringing with your mobile device.

The panel on the right allows you to set up how calls from various different types of callers are handled. You can use options on this screen to add numbers to VIP and Unwanted caller lists.

Downloading apps

You can use the Downloads link, located at the foot of the Hosted PBX Customer Portal Home page, to access a range of apps that you can download onto your computer or your mobile/tablet so that you can always have access to the key Hosted PBX Customer Portal features on your desktop or mobile device.

Changing settings

The panel at the bottom of the Hosted PBX Customer Portal Home page allows you to make various changes to your settings. For example:

  • To configure your phone according to your preferences, use the Devices link. On the screen that appears, use the ‘set keys’ link to configure your phone according to your preferences.
  • To change your password and/or PIN, or your security email address, click on the links under Security at the bottom of the Home page.
  • The Call Settings page allows you to control various call settings, for example withholding your caller ID and configuring Call Forwarding, Call Blocking or Call Jump settings.

The Messaging Settings page enables you to control how your messages are handled. For example, you can manage mailbox settings, customize how you are notified of a voicemail, configure greetings, and more. Using Voicemail Greetings you can personalize your voicemail greeting by recording an announcement (a microphone is required).


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