How do I manage devices on the network in the WorkPass app?

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From the Devices menu, you can quickly view all of the devices that are connected to your network, or that have attempted to connect and were not approved. We recommend limiting access for new devices so that they can’t access other devices on your network until they are manually approved (see How do I manage my network names and passwords? for steps to enable this feature).

This article covers the following topics:

Approving New Devices

Note: If the selected zone does not have Limited network access for new devices enabled, there will not be an Unapproved devices section (for more information on limiting new devices, see How do I manage my network names and passwords?).

  1. Select the Zones icon from the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select the zone you want to modify.

  3. Select the options icon (3 dots) next to the device you want to approve.

  4. Select Approve device.

Note: If there are multiple unapproved devices and you want to approve them all, you can also select the options icon next to Unapproved devices and select Approve devices.


Grouping Devices

Device groups in the Secure Wi-Fi zone can keep your secure devices organized and allow them to be quickly shared with employee devices.

Note: Device Groups are for organization purposes only and do not block a device from accessing another within the same zone.

  1. Select the options icon (3 dots) next to Approved devices or Devices.
  2. Select New Group.

  3. Name your group.

  4. You can now select the Options icon next to devices from the Approved devices list and select Change group to assign them.

Blocking Devices

If a device in the Secure Wi-FI or Employee Wi-Fi zone is not recognized, the admin can manually use the Block Device option to prevent it from having Internet and local access.

  1. Locate the device under Unapproved devices or Devices.
  2. Select the Options icon next to the device.
  3. Select Block device.

Sharing Devices

Devices in the Secure Wi-FI zone can be shared with devices from the Employee Wi-Fi zone to allow local access. If a device is not set up to be shared, the device will not be accessible through the local network.

  1. Select the options icon (3 dots) next to the device or group you want to share.
  2. Select Share access.

  3. Select the devices and groups you want the device to be shared with.

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