What is the WorkPlace app and how do I use it?

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Before getting started: The WorkPass app is only compatible with business services. If you have a residential account, please refer to the Cogeco Wi-Fi App.

The WorkPass app is a powerful and easy-to-use app that allows you to set up and monitor your Cogeco Wi-Fi network without the need to log into the modem. You can check your network health at a glance, see who's logged in throughout your workplace, change your SSID and passwords, and even improve your online experience with features like threat protection and ad blocking.

Note: This app is only compatible with Cogeco Wi-Fi Pods and will be required for their installation. If you would like to order Wi-Fi Pods, please contact Customer Service.

Where can I get the WorkPass app?

The WorkPass app is available for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Note: Cogeco Wi-Fi Pods are made by Plume, which has a similar app called HomePass, but you must be using the WorkPass app for it to work with your Cogeco business service.

How do I sign in?

After ordering Cogeco Wi-Fi Pods, we send a registration email to the address you provided. This allows you to access a WorkPass profile connected to your Cogeco account.

If you can’t find the registration email, please contact us to have it re-sent.

Note: Make sure to select Sign In from the login screen. Do not select Set Up Plume as this will create a new profile that will not be associated with your Cogeco account and you will not be able to use the Wi-Fi Pods assigned to it.

What can I do with the app?

The app is separated into four main sections that can be selected from the icons at the bottom of the screen:

Home - The main page gives you a quick view of your network, including guests, security status, employees at work, and network health. Settings are also accessed from the icon at the top right of this page.

Zones - This section allows you to manage your Wi-Fi passwords, devices, and people on the network. For more information on zones, refer to How do I manage my network names and passwords?

Shield - This is where you can turn on features to control your online experience, such as ad blocking and threat protection. For more information on Shield, refer to How do I use Shield to secure my network?

Network - This provides a topology view, giving you a visual representation of access points and connected devices on the network.


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