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All Cogeco remotes have the ability to control your TV power and volume, and some have more advanced options to act as a universal remote for other devices, but how to program the remote can vary depending on what type of service you have. Please see below for some popular articles for remote codes, programming, and pairing.

Digital TV

The Digital TV remote (Atlas) is fully universal and can be programmed for your TV, DVD player, and other components. With this type of remote, codes are required to program the remote.

See Where can I find the codes to program the remote control with my other devices? for instructions on programming the remote with codes, or by using the automatic code search. This also covers the less common Champion and Polaris remotes used with Digital TV.



The TiVo remote can be programmed to control your TV and audio system. With this type of remote you can get a list of codes for each manufacturer directly through the TiVo menu.

See How do I program the TiVo remote to control my other devices? for instructions on where to find the codes and programming steps in the TiVo menu.



The EPICO remote can be programmed to control your TV power, volume, and input. With this type of remote no codes are needed; simply go to the TV/AVR Control section of the EPICO menu and it will automatically detect your TV type and pair the remote.

See How do I pair my EPICO remote with my TV? for instructions on accessing the pairing menu.


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