What do I do if my receiver says "hunt" on the front display?

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A "hunt" message on the front display of your receiver indicates that the receiver is having trouble locating a frequency. If you receive this message, try the following:

Check for outages

Visit our Reported Outages page and enter your postal code to see if there may be an outage affecting you (for more detail, please refer to our article on checking for outages).

Check the connections

  • Check the coaxial cable going from the wall to the digital receiver and make sure the connections are finger-tight; do not use a wrench as this can damage the equipment.
  • If the cable connects to any other equipment before your receiver, such as an audio system or splitter, try bypassing these and connecting directly to the receiver.

Reset your receiver

  • First, reset your receiver by unplugging the power for 10 seconds and reconnecting.
  • If this does not resolve the error, try a stronger reset through My Account:
    1. On My Account, go to the Equipment page.
    2. Look for your receiver's serial number under Current equipment.
    3. Select the Activate button.
  • Keep in mind that after the reset, your guide will say "To be announced" for the next 30 minutes, and some channels may not work for the next 15 minutes.

If the ‘One Moment Please’ errors continue, please contact Technical Support.

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