How do I install my Cogeco phone modem?

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It’s easy to install your phone modem with the Self-Install Kit we sent you. The kit includes:

  • Your new phone modem
  • An Ethernet cable
  • A coaxial cable
  • A power cord

Step 1: Connect your new modem

  1. Place your new modem in a centralized space in your home for the best possible Wi-Fi coverage.
  2. Connect the coaxial cable provided from the wall outlet to the cable connector at the rear of your modem. Hand-tighten the connectors to avoid damaging them. 
  3. Connect the power cord from the modem to an active wall power outlet. This will start the modem synchronization process.
  4. Connect a telephone wire from the base of your phone to the jack on the back of the modem labelled Tel 1.  If you subscribe to 2 telephone lines, you may attach a second telephone to the Tel 2 phone jack.

Good to know: If you connect your modem to a power bar, ensure that the power bar is always switched on.

Step 2: Obtain your phone number

Dial 21# from your Cogeco phone and a message will play that will provide you with your phone number.

Step 3: Get your Wi-Fi credentials 

Once all the modem’s lights are on, it's time to get your Wi-Fi credentials.

  • If you are using one of Cogeco’s latest modems (ARRIS TG3452 or Hitron CODA-4589) consult the sticker located on the back of the modem.
  • For all other modems, the credentials can be found in My Account on the Equipment page.
  • If you're using Cogeco Wi-Fi Pods, the SSID and password are controlled through the Cogeco Wi-Fi App. Go to the Access tab to view networks and passwords.
  • For more information, please refer to Where can I find my default network name and Wi-Fi password?

Step 4: Connect your wireless devices

You can now connect all your wireless devices. To learn how, refer to our Internet FAQs.

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