What is IP Relay?

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IP Relay is a relay service for individuals who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or have a speech disability, to place and receive text-based relay calls from their personal computer (PC) and/or mobile device. All you need to use IP Relay is a PC or a mobile device with an Internet connection.

Making Calls

  • A IP Relay operator will connect an IP Relay caller to a voice party.
  • All calls are strictly confidential. 
  • For more information on making calls through IP Relay, see here.

Receiving Calls

  • When you register for IP Relay, you will be assigned a unique 9-digit number. The nine digits reflect that this is an IP number and not a standard telephone line number. The "prefix" numbers (the first three numbers or the area code) do not include 800, 877 or 866.
  • Hearing users can place calls to deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals by dialling Cogeco IP Relay at the toll free number (1-855-308-5160) and providing the IP Relay agent with your 9-digit IP Relay number.
  • When you are logged in to IP Relay you will receive a message alerting you of an incoming IP Relay call.
  • For more information on receiving calls through IP Relay, see here.


  • An Internet connection
  • A computer to access the IP Relay web platform, or
  • The Cogeco IP Relay app downloaded on your mobile phone

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