How do I add a new filter?

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With Webmail, you can add a new filter to help organize messages to your liking.

To add a new filter, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Options near the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

  2. Click on Local Account > Mail Filters.

  3. Click on the New Filter button.

  4. Enter a name for your filter in the Filter Name field.

  5. Under For incoming messages which, set up your desired filter criteria.
    • For example, you may wish to filter all messages from a specific sender (From) or with a certain word in the subject line (Subject).

    • Multiple criteria can be added using the + button and the filter can be set to Match all of the following or Match any of the following.

  6. Under Perform the following actions, select the desired action for your filtered messages.
    • For example, you may wish to move them to a specific folder, or forward them to another email account.
    • If you are moving them to a folder, you will need to choose one using the Select button.
  7. Click on the Save Filter button at the bottom of your screen.

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