How do I remove my name and phone number from the directory?

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You can subscribe to the Unlisted Name and Phone Number calling feature to remove your name and number from the following sources:

  • Directory assistance (dialling operator services or 411)
  • Printed telephone directories (White Pages)

However, please note the following limitations:

  • Your name and number will still appear on the Call Display of people you call. You can press *67 to hide your info on a per-call basis or add the Call Display Permanently Blocked feature.
  • There are some online telephone directories that aren’t associated with traditional telephone listings and don’t get their information from Cogeco. If you find your name and number on these other sites, you’ll need to contact them directly to have your listing removed.

Changing your name in the directory

By default, the name listed in the printed directory, in directory assistance (411) and on Call Display will be the same as the name on your Cogeco bill. To change this listing, contact customer service by dialing 611 from your Cogeco line.

You can change the following:

  • First name - You can choose between an initial (e.g. “P”), a single first name (e.g. “Pierre”) or a hyphenated name (e.g. “Pierre-Luc”).
  • Last name - Only one last name is accepted. If you have a hyphenated family name (e.g. “Tremblay-Bouchard”), it still counts as a single last name.

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