How do I block calls from certain numbers? (*60)

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The Selective Call Rejection feature, which is part of our Call Screen bundle, automatically blocks incoming numbers that you have specified. The blocked caller is connected to an announcement stating that their call is not presently being accepted by the called party.

Note: Selective Call Rejection is only available with Residential phone service.

To activate Selective Call Rejection and modify your list of blocked numbers, press *60 and follow the prompts:

  • To reject the last calling party press #01#
  • To turn this service On/Off press 3 (if this is the first time activated you will be requested to add at least one number to the rejection list first by pressing # followed by the number)
  • To add an entry press # followed by the number (up to 100 numbers can be blocked)
  • To remove one or more entries press *
  • To remove all list entries press 08
  • To remove all Anonymous entries press 09
  • To review all entries press 1
  • Note: When you press *60 you will hear a message stating if the service is currently on/off but no changes are made to the service unless one of the above commands are selected.

Good to know:

  • Once the feature is active, you can also use *97 to quickly add the last caller to your rejection list, even if you don't have the caller's number (useful for telemarketers).
  • Call Rejection has priority over all other calling features that may be activated for a single number. For example, if you apply Selective Call Rejection and Distinctive Ringing to the same number, the call will be blocked and you will not hear the phone ring.
  • To use this feature, you must subscribe to the Call Screen bundle.

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