How do I use the EPICO app on a mobile device to control what’s playing on my EPICO 4K Box?

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The PlayOn feature in the EPICO app on a mobile device essentially turns your device into a remote control. You can continue watching content on your TV, while using the EPICO app to search for what to watch next. You can also use your mobile device to browse TV listings, as well as play, pause and rewind content on your TV, plus other playback features.

To use the PlayOn feature, follow these steps:

  1. Open the EPICO app on your mobile device, then press the PlayOn icon.

  2. Select any EPICO 4K Box connected to your Wi-Fi home network.

Now you can use your mobile device to select the content you want to watch on your TV. If you’ve already selected what you want to watch before following these steps, it will start playing on your TV automatically.

Good to know: While the app is controlling the EPICO 4K Box, the PlayOn icon will change to blue.


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