What do I need to know about my EPICO profile and personalized section?

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When you first connected to your EPICO service you were asked to create an EPICO profile for you and each member of your family. Each time you open EPICO you now have to choose which profile to use.

Your profile gives you access to your personalized hub in the EPICO main menu.

This section, named after your profile’s name, contains:

  • My channels: a personalized feed of recommendations, based on your viewing habits.
  • Recordings: access to your recordings and their cloud storage space (shared across all profiles on your account).
  • Netflix: a feed of Netflix content, personalized to the last Netflix profile used. Available on your TV only.
  • In progress: a list of in progress titles, which includes any movies you haven't completed, or any TV shows you are currently watching.
  • My List: a collection of your favourites, which are titles you have specifically marked as your favourite or series you are recording or watching frequently.
  • Transactions: all the on demand content you have rented or purchased (available across all profiles).

Good to know: On your TV, you can select more than one profile at the same time, and any recommendations displayed will combine those of each of these profiles.

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