How can I use voice commands with my remote?

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To use voice commands with your EPICO remote, press and release the Google Assistant button, and say your command.

Here are examples of useful commands you can try:

Search content

The results will show content from all available sources, whether it’s live, recently aired, on demand, and even  content from installed apps such as YouTube or Netflix:

  • Search by title, e.g. TV show Dexter or Search (for) the series Dexter.
  • Search by genre, e.g. Comedy movies.
  • Search by year, e.g. Movies from 2012.
  • Search by actor or director, e.g. Tom Hanks movies.
  • Search by a combined search, e.g. Comedy movies from 2012.

While a show is playing

  • Play or Pause or Resume or Stop
  • Seek/go/jump to X minutes or Jump for X minutes
  • Fast Forward or Next: jumps forward 30 seconds by default
  • Rewind: jumps backward 30 seconds by default
  • Fast Forward or Rewind X minutes
  • Previous: jumps backward for 7 seconds by default
  • Go to beginning

Other Google voice commands to try 

  • Good morning
  • What's the weather today?
  • Open Netflix

Good to know:
You will get more reliable search results when:

  • You use Find in your search to let Google Assistant know you're searching for content
  • You specify if it's a TV Show or Movie you are looking for; e.g. Find the movie 1917 or Find the TV show Billions.

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