Why can't I access a certain VOD channel such as Crave?

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Some Cogeco on Demand folders are only available by subscribing to the associated channel (for example, a subscription to Crave is required to watch Crave on Demand). If you receive a message such as "subscription required" when trying to access a title, check to see which folder it's in, and ensure that you subscribe to the associated channel.

  • To confirm and/or modify your channel subscriptions:
    • Log into My Account.
    • Select Services from the side menu.
    • Select the TV tab.
    • Select Modify my channels.
    • From here you can modify the channels in your current package, or select Add-on Channels for more options (Residential-only).
  • If you do subscribe to the channel but are still receiving a subscription message, please contact our Technical Support (see Residential or Business contacts).

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