What do I do if I receive a "Severe Error" message on my TiVo box?

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When you see a green screen with the message "Severe Error," it means the TiVo® box is performing system checks and attempting to repair corrupted data on the hard drive.

Quick steps to troubleshoot this issue

In most cases, the repairs work, and the box recovers from this condition without troubleshooting. However, the process can take several hours, during which the box will not function in other ways (for example, it will not complete scheduled recordings).

If you receive this screen for longer than 3 hours

Remove the power cord and the Ethernet cable from the back of the TiVo box, wait 15 seconds, and reconnect it.

If you have a DVR Expander connected to the box

  1. Unplug its power cord
  2. Wait 15 seconds.
  3. Plug the DVR Expander back in (if applicable).
  4. Plug in the box
  5. Reconnect the Ethernet cable.
  6. If the TiVo box restarts successfully, it is ready for use.

If you reconnected a DVR Expander, run diagnostics on it to make sure the DVR Expander is not causing the issue.

If you still see the green screen after the TiVo box restarts, or if you have seen the green screen several times already, please contact Cogeco Technical Support (see Residential or Business contacts).

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