If I switch to Cogeco, can I keep my same home phone number?

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Most of the time, if you switch to Cogeco, we can transfer your phone number from your current provider to our service. But there are a few exceptions. We can’t transfer your number if:

  • There are outstanding charges owed to your previous provider
  • There are any changes scheduled to your account with your previous provider
  • Your existing number isn’t recognized as being part of the municipality you’re moving to (e.g. we wouldn’t be able to transfer a Burlington number to Hamilton)
  • Your number has been suspended or disconnected by your previous provider

Important: You should not cancel your phone service with your current provider before contacting Cogeco. This would prevent us from transferring your same phone number. In fact, if you’re keeping your same number then once your Cogeco service is installed, your previous phone plan will be cancelled automatically.

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