How can I set up my phone so that I can only be reached by known numbers and block all other calls? (*64)

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To create a list of incoming calls you want to receive, use *64. All numbers not on this Selective Call Acceptance list will be rejected and the caller will hear a message informing him/her that the call was blocked. Since this feature can easily be activated or deactivated, you can use it to screen calls in the evening so that you only receive the call you are waiting for or to simply enjoy more peace and quiet.

To configure, activate or deactivate Selective Call Acceptance:

  • Dial *64.
  • Follow the verbal instructions.

Please note that this feature cannot be activated at the same time as:

  • Selective Call Forwarding (*63)
  • Do Not Disturb (*78)

To use this feature, you must be a Call Screen subscriber.

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